Need a really swanky holiday gift for a special hound in your life? Then consider a new dog house ... for $70,000.

This lavish purchase for your pooch is for sale in the recently released Neiman Marcus Christmas Book—a much-heralded annual compendium of extravagant fantasy gifts for the rich and famous. The book includes everything from a Versace punching bag ($1,550) to a Moët & Chandon Champagne vending machine ($35,000).


But the gifts that really caught our eye this year were the custom dog mansions created by celebrity designer Jessica Clark with input from actress (and animal activist) Denise Richards. Prices start at $70,000, and shoot skyward from there depending on just how lavish your dog's tastes take you!

Animal advocate and actress Denise Richards will help design your luxe Neiman Marcus custom doghouse.

Clark's company, Rockstar Puppy, has designed the most stylish of chateaus for elite clients, including Barbra StreisandJimmy Fallon, 2 ChainzDemi Lovato, and Harry Connick Jr.

What's with Richards' involvement? Well, her dedication to dogs is famous. She's known for having an estate with a "dog hotel" on the premises.

"I’ve worked with various animal organizations over the years," she told "It’s something very close to my heart. We need to be their voice, since they can't speak for themselves. Eventually I want to have our own sanctuary."

Denise Richards' famous "dog hotel"

So, helping Clark design gorgeous doghouses makes complete sense.

"It’s a very unique gift, and it’s also for a great cause," Richards says. "If you’re going to splurge, this is the gift to splurge on!"

As you can imagine, the custom canine homes they create together will not be your basic bowser bunkhouse. Heaven forbid! They come in the architectural style of your choice, from Brooklyn brownstone to glass-and-chrome modern and everything in between.

For each canine mansion Clark and Richards create, $5,000 of the purchase price will be donated to the Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, with Richards kicking in an additional $25,000 to the American Humane Society.

When asked about the most important feature a doghouse can have, be it ever so humble or über-upscale, Clark says, "It needs to be a home, not just comfortable, but most importantly a safe space for the dog. The exterior is designed more for the dog’s human family to connect with, while the inside is designed to be a safe, comfortable refuge for the dog."

With that in mind, check out some of the truly amazing doghouses Clark has created so far, just to get an idea of what she and Richards could build for your own pooch.

Reflection mirrored dog house

This mirrored dog house can blend into the scenery.

This one's perfect for a big dog in a big yard, although the size can be adjusted. The exterior is completely mirrored, so it sort of disappears into the environment. Inside there's wood paneling on the walls, bluestone flooring, and bi-fold glass doors to maximize the panoramic view.

Bank vault doghouse

Bank vault or designer doghouse? You decide.

Clark considers this one the most outrageous doghouse she's ever done. She designed it for Robert Gillings, creator of the TV series "Paper Empire," a show premiering in 2020 that features a billionaire with a dog named Banks. In fact, this very doghouse will be featured in the show's pilot episode.

Interior of the bank vault doghouse

Taj Mahal doghouse

What pooch potentate wouldn't be happy in a doggy Taj Mahal?

Building materials depend on whether this doghouse is for indoor or outdoor use, but this one is made of architectural foam and stucco, and can be made in several different sizes. Don't you love the screen inside, so you can call your dog on the phone and he/she can see your face and hear your voice?

Interior of the Taj Mahal doghouse

Pyramid doghouse

This distinctive puppy palace is made of copper and malachite.

This pyramid-shaped doghouse is designed with sheets of copper and malachite, but stainless steel, aluminum, and gold are also available! Also, the precious or semiprecious stone at the peak could be amethyst, rose quartz, labradorite, or even, dare we say it, diamonds!

Fire station doghouse

The fire station doghouse was built for supermodel Carol Alt, in memory of her father who was a firefighter.

Clark created this sweet fire station doghouse for supermodel and actress Carol Alt.

"It's a replica of her father's firehouse," Clark explains. "It's in memory of battalion chief Anthony T. Alt, and serves as a wonderful memorial, honoring him as he died from complications from a fire he was fighting."

Interior of fire station doghouse

TCL Chinese Theatre doghouse

A custom doghouse for Hollywood hound Frankie Feldman

Clark designed this custom doghouse, inspired by the world-famous TCL Chinese Theatre, for Hollywood hound Frankie Feldman, who often accompanies his film critic "mom" to red carpet events. Clark thought Frankie even deserved his own Walk of Fame–inspired star, "so he can take his place among Lassie and Rin Tin Tin."

No Hollywood hound home would be complete without a Walk of Fame star in front.

Which leads us to the question, can you ever spoil your dog too much?

Richards has a quick answer: "Dogs should be spoiled! They love us unconditionally. No matter what kind of day you're having, walking into the home and having all that love from them is so special."

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